“How does this thing make money, anyway?”

“In its current state, content marketing is basically like loose-leaf magazine inserts folded into a paper airplane and shot into a mob of anonymous people.”

Lindsay Nelson, global head of brand strategy and marketing, Vox Media

Yesterday, Nilay Patel’s article Refreshing The Verge: how does this thing make money, anyway? appeared on The Verge. Although its primary purpose is to support today’s launch of the refreshed The Verge site, the article is an excellent snapshot of the state of online advertising and how it supports content…which, as someone who believes in paying for quality content, I find relevant to my interests.

If you’re interested in monetizing content, I recommend taking a couple of minutes to read the article.

Two other quotes, just in case this post drops into your TL;DR bin:

“We care about the experience and our users, not just making money. We don’t want to serve ads people hate—we want to serve ads people are genuinely interested in.” Megan Walton, executive director of revenue products, Vox Media

“We don’t sell popups, roadblocks, interstitials, or anything that stops users or requires user interactions.” Joe Alicata, VP, Vox Media

Go read Refreshing The Verge: how does this thing make money, anyway?

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