Full-stack developers are in demand

I’m an experienced technical-content developer, and I’ve created a solid career around my diverse skill set. So why did I spend a sizeable chunk of time and money last summer attending a coding bootcamp?

Jobs site Indeed just provided the answer in its blog: The Best Jobs in the United States: 2017. Number one on the list is “Full Stack Developer,” boasting year-over-year job growth of 122 percent. (Those of you with strong math skills should note that “Data Scientist” is number two—and, on average, even better compensated.)

David A. Arnott, national news desk editor for The Business Journals, quoted Indeed senior VP Paul D’Arcy as saying, “As every business morphs into the digital version of itself, the demand for workers with highly technical abilities is increasing far faster than supply.” (Everyone wants full stack developers—and these other 24 in-demand jobs in the Puget Sound Business Journal.)

Money ain’t everything, of course, but I’m feeling quite confident that my decision to learn three full stacks (Python, Ruby on Rails, and MEAN) at Coding Dojo Seattle is looking smarter all the time.

Besides, diving back into coding is just plain fun.

So do I get a commission for mentioning the Coding Dojo onsite bootcamp? No, darn it.