About Dail Magee Jr.

I make bits dance, words persuade, and images explain—front end, server, database, web, or print.

I’m an award-winning content developer. A full-stack web developer. A full-time geek.

Want to know more? Go check out my LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/djmagee

I’m equally comfortable holding a soldering iron or a pencil. I adore computers and excoriate them every day.

I’m a coffee snob, a beer snob, and a devotee of the Oxford comma.

I believe that the secrets of life can be found in a single scoop of gelato. Or a Raspberry Pi, depending on my mood.

I consider clouds and rain to be hygge; I strive to live just beyond the reach of the sun.

I wear aloha shirts and a utility belt. I believe in speaking softly and carrying a big bag.

I travel, read, learn, laugh, and savor.